Privacy Evo is available in desktop and web mode and with just one click you get the service for

management of privacy obligations

Your lifeline

Use Privacy Evo for your business and always comply with the law with amazing ease

As a gift the tranquillity

Choose the best solution, which always guarantees tranquillity for your business

Crafted with care

Take advantage of desktop software ease and web application speed

Complete, inexpensive, safe

access the project created with Privacy Evo locally or in the cloud and manage the privacy fulfillment of your business with the software installed on your PC or with any browser on the web

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Privacy Evo è progettato per te

Complete alignment with European and national laws

The processing of personal data in the context of the specific activities of any sector represents a challenge for anyone and the related steps must be carried out following the principles and strict procedures and provisions established by law

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Discover the unique features of Privacy Evo

The complete system for managing the fulfillment of European and national laws on the protection of personal data
leave the daily duties to Privacy Evo and concentrate exclusively on the creativity of your work

Limitless multi-user

The multi-user work environment that responds to needs without waste and with absolute freedom in managing permissions

Simply complete

Manage projects with Privacy Evo desktop or by accessing Privacy Evo web from the browser you normally use for internet surfing

Any sector of activity

Whatever sector your business belongs to, from production to trade or services, easily manage the obligations

For all corporate offices

Manage offices and organizational structures, assign the tasks and faithfully reproduce the hierarchical structure of your business

Compose the documentation

Produce all the documentation required by law and customize the documents with the editor embody into the work environment

Necessary and indispensable

In order not to sink in a sea of paper sheets Privacy Evo is the lifebelt for the complete management of all privacy obligations

Control mechanisms

Functions of verifying the formal correctness of the data and checking the adequacy of the information entered from time to time

Risk analysis

Risk analysis of the processing activities performed according to the ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards and the ENISA procedure

European Union multilingual

Interface in Italian and English with project designed to use the 24 official EU languages also with automatic translation

A personalized service for many advantages

Create your account, identify the version and freely choose all the options necessary to manage the privacy requirements of your business
configuration dedicated to consultants uses databases for multiple projects to be allocated to customers

event tracking

full tracking of project change events


encrypted data

database is encrypted and also all attached documents


project in the cloud

local or cloud project on servers located in Italy


Active management

management of data breaches and staff training


Absolute configuration flexibility

Each activity has unique characteristics in terms of space and organization
Privacy Evo manages them all in both desktop and web mode

Big companies
Privacy consultants / DPO
External users
Small commercial activities

Service prices

An affordable price for any type of business
Annual fee and no activation costs

Single activity



Fee starting from 120 €/year

Users single or multi-user

Subjects up to unlimited

Proessing up to unlimited

Documents unlimited

Project local or cloud

Mode desktop or web

Database sole project

Risk analysis ISO 27001 ISO 27701 ENISA

Options that can be activated all those available

Some FAQs

Quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Privacy Evo service

flexible, inexpensive, simple to use in every sector


What is Privacy Evo and what is it for?

Privacy Evo is an indefinitely renewable annual service to be used for the management of privacy obligations. It is a software available in several basic versions set up to meet different needs. From the professional to the SME up to the big company and the privacy consultant or DPO with a client portfolio to satisfy.


Where does the data in Privacy Evo end up?

The data entered in Privacy Evo are placed in a relational database called 'project' which can be located locally (on a computer, on a virtual machine, on a local network or a VPN) or in the cloud (on DeltaTech servers located in Italy) . The project is encrypted and it is also possible to encrypt all attached documents.


How do I personalize my Privacy Evo?

You can compose Privacy Evo by selecting the basic version that best suits your needs and adding all the options useful for your business. You can also decide whether to place the project in the cloud or have a local installation protected from the outside. From year to year you can modify the service by composing it as you see fit.


Do I have to install Privacy Evo on my computer?

Privacy Evo desktop must be installed in a physical or logical position decided by you according to your needs and in the local armored configuration any communication with the outside is prevented. With Privacy Evo web you can place everything externally instead and access projects with any browser for internet surfing.

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